Crazy Painting

CFNM 18 - Crazy Painting

Crazy Painting – Five clothed teens take advantage of a guy living next door as he comes to complain about noise and play with his cock everyway they please!These wild chicks do everything to make him regret he came to their apartment. Embarrassed shocked guy is forced to get naked, then girls cover his body with wall paint colors, rub his dick up and down and suck on it until he gets a hard-on in front of them and gets even more embarrassed and confused! !

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Unlucky Coach

CFNM 18 - Unlucky Coach

Unlucky Coach – Five angry girls take revenge on their strict fitness instructor when he accidentally falls down and can’t move his leg! Now he is led through a series of humiliating tasks and learns well what it feels like to be naked, exposed and very vulnerable in front of five pissed off females. Oh yes, for a controlling, dominant person the loss of control and being forced can be sooo embarrassing! Teen cfnm party. We bet these were the most embarrassing moments in his life.

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Anatomy Lesson

CFNM 18 - Anatomy Lesson

Anatomy Lesson -In this CFNM 18 episode a human anatomy class goes out of control when a teacher begins explaining the male reproductive system. These days crazy 18yo schoolgirls don’t wanna suck on lollipops and watch images they prefer real dick so they are doing the most outrageous things with their biology teacher you can imagine! Of course, the teacher tried to resist but the girls wouldn’t let him cum and leave the classroom until they have ordered him to do so. Don’t ever fuck around with 5 horny high school girls, this can be very dangerous.

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The Birthday Gift

CFNM 18 - The Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift – Bella, Sarah and Less know very well that a helpless naked guy can be a very arousing sex toy in the hands of young clothed females. So when their best friend D has her 18th birthday party they prepare a special gift for her: a male stripdancer! Of course, they didn’t warn the stripper that dancing is not the only thing he needs to do to get his payment and and he’s obviously not prepared for all the things that hooligan girls are going to do with him.

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Shower Action

CFNM 18 - Shower Action

Shower – This unlucky voyeur loved to spy on girls showering at the local fitness center but he doesn’t anymore. After five naughty Czech teens had their way with a poor pervert we doubt that he will dare to peep girls again. As part of a cruel punishment for getting caught while spying and pleasuring himself a guy was stripped and cruelly humiliated on the wet cold shower floor and only then girls allowed him to cum. Teen cfnm party. This scene features Sandra, Kiki and other hot Czech beauties.

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A Touch Dancing Game

CFNM 18 - A Touch Dancing Game

A Touch Dancing Game – Four bored college students were in the mood for a CFNM 18 party but they had no males avaliable around so they simply ordered a pizza and dragged a pizza delivery guy inside their college dorm room and forced him to join them playing a touch-dancing game. To their surprise the dude couldn’t bust a move on the “dance floor”. Teen cfnm party. Girls were laughing at him all the way and making nasty comments so finally, feeling pissed off and down he tried to leave the dorm room, which made the girls even more furious!

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Sweet Cakes

CFNM 18 - Sweet Cakes

Sweet Cakes – 99% of women love chocolate and sweets but these naughty chicks discovered that sweets are more tasty when served on a… naked guy! Just imagine four young fully clothed females eating pastries and sweets from a moveless guy, licking his naked body and pleasing him orally! Of course the stud gets an instant noticeable boner but these naughty babes only care about their own pleasure and don’t give a shit about him. p.s. Yes, we all know that too many sweets and chocolate aren’t good for anyone but followed by intense sex exercise they won’t do any harm ;-)

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Successful Therapy

CFNM 18 - Successful Therapy

Successful Therapy – The patient finds himself caught in a dangerous trap and has to obey all weird humiliating procedures and treatments prepared by cock-starved Keira, Kari and their friends. These four sadistic nurses use unconventional ways to exam their patient, stimulate him to check potency and then drain him dry. If you want to fulfill your wild CFNM 18 fantasies there’s no better place to do it than in a medical room!

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Bachelorette Party

CFNM 18 - Bachelorette Party

Welcome to the Girls Only Hen Night spiced up with CFNM fun! CFNM 18 – Easy going and full of fun Sandra and her girls (Cindy, Stengy, Charlotte) going crazy and giving each other wild dares at Sandra’s bachelorette party. They have no mercy neither for invited stripper nor for some unlucky waiter who happened to be around. Teen cfnm party. You definitely don’t want to miss out so many beautiful fully dressed girls fondling erected cocks and getting facial cumshots with no shame at all!

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